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Show Me Password

The "Show me password" is a simple extension for Oracle SQL Developer or Oracle JDeveloper that decrypts all saved (encrypted) password for database connections, application server connection, servers etc.

OSB Config - WLST Configurator

The OSB Config - WLST Configurator is a simple the WLST script that contains several features for a more detailed customization of OSB SBConfig Jar file, before deploying to the OSB.

SOA Dependency Analyzer

SOA Dependency Analyzer is tool (utility) for graphically visualizing dependencies between the BPEL processes (WS - WSDL), ESB services (File, JMS, DB, AQ, FTP, MQ, ...), OSB services (Proxy service, Business service and Endpoints: HTTP, FTP, SFTP, JMS Servers, JMS Queue/Topic, EJB,... and etc.

WebLogic FileStore Explorer

Weblogic FileStore Explorer tool allows you to export data from FileStore for a specific JMS server and convert data into a readable format

Maven Settings Editor

Maven Settings Editor 2.0 is a simple tools for fast and easy to changes settings in Maven. It is a simple application that runs in the background and allows you easier management Maven.

Maven Java Processor

Maven plugin for dynamic processing configurations in xml, properties i.e. insert, replace and delete the elements in the XML and key/value in prorerties.